2) Lifelong Destiny

Eight years to the day that we faded out of each
other lives, we met again after accomplishing our educational endeavors.
Egwin and I have known each other all MY life and our families are
close friends.

We were never romantically involved but were often teased about
eventually falling in love one day and marrying each other. To us
it was just psychobabble of the family and we paid no notice to
it, but I guess the older generation knew that our paths were destined
to cross cause soul mates were meant to be together.

I was 16 when I saw Egwin for the last time at a wedding and then
he left to pursue his bachelors in Missouri. Eight years sailed
by and I received my bachelors in Minnesota. My mum urged me to
visit Egwin. Grudgingly I called him, thinking to myself that we
couldn’t possibly have anything in common after all this time.

He extended an invitation and I found myself at the Kansas City
airport one week later. We were surprised to see that we were still
connected in a way that was unnerving to us—we even finished
off each other’s sentences without effort.

This time the chemistry between us couldn?t be masked and Egwin
convinced me to move to Kansas City. We picked up where we had left
off and love flowed easily into our lives.

Of course love’s course never did flow smoothly and after I had
been in KC for one year, I was forced to return to Malaysia because
of visa problems. Leaving Egwin at the airport was the hardest thing
that I ever had to do. The look on his face just tore at my heart
and I left with the vision of his hands plastered against the glass
wall that separated US.

We burned the telephone lines every night trying to quench our yearning.
Needless to say days turned into months. Eventually we came to a
breaking point and Egwin told me that he would be coming back home
cause he couldn?t bear being apart.

As I waited to for his arrival, he called saying that flights to
Malaysia were fully booked that week and that he would have to fly
in through Singapore. He said he wasn’t about to let anything deter
him from coming back home to me. His parents & I drove to the
border and waited for him at the train station. His mum then pulled
out an envelope and handed it to me.

It read:


It was at another airport—just about 10,000 miles away from
this one when my life was going to go through a change—though
I didn’t know it yet. A big change!

Who would have thought that after 8 long years of not even speaking
to—much less seeing each other that we would meet & hug,
so far away from home????

Here I am two years later after that long lost hug and "hopelessly
in love with you…" It was 2 years ago that our eyes met through
a multitude & crowd of people and once again through a multitude
and crowd of people—if you look around and find my eyes again.
There’s something I have to ask you…

He was supposed to arrive immediately after I read the letter cause
his mum and him had timed it perfectly. Due to a bad case of nerves,
he accidentally left his wallet in the cab and was delayed. When
he finally managed to retrieve his lost wallet, he ended up arriving
much later. There we were in front of an old train station that
I never would have envisioned as an ideal proposal spot, but with
Egwin at my side that seemed to be totally unimportant.

All that mattered was that we were finally together again. He got
into the car and pulled out a large bouquet of white & red roses—as
he got down on one knee, pulled out the ring and asked me the most
important question that forever changed my life. I said "YES"
immediately without a seconds doubt. We got married 3 days later
& returned to America.

It has been an amazing 3 years now. I am truly blessed to have found
my soul mate & best friend. Knights in Shining Armor DO exist—mine
came back to complete my life so that we could spend a lifetime
of bliss. Happily Ever After!!

Rachel Gomez,

Shawnee, KS


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