2) LCHS Prom 1992

During the course of our relationship, I must have mentioned to Sean that I had never attended my high school prom. (I don’t remember mentioning it…but Sean did.) Well, Sean decided to throw me a surprise birthday party for my birthday. He took it even further than that…and made the theme "LCHS Prom 1992". Everything was a secret from me, but Sean wanted me to dress up. So, he told me that we had been invited to go to a Governor’s Ball, by his friend Rich. (This completely made sense to me, because of Rich’s line of work.) So, I was thrown into action…finding a dress, shoes, etc. I was going to meet the Governor! Right??

The day of the party came, March 15th, and all I really had to do was get my hair styled. Sean was no where to be found…golfing, is what he told me. Finally, we were both ready to go! Sean said he had to stop by the office/clubhouse on the way to pay his Condo Association dues. (His condo is two blocks from my house, and it’s on the way out of the neighborhood…so I thought nothing of it.) We pulled up to the clubhouse, and he just asked if I wanted to come in for a minute while he pays this bill. I agreed. I walked in to not only the most amazing surprise Prom, with friends and family there, but Sean’s mom and sisters flew in town for the event! Everyone was dressed up, and the entire party was decorated with my high-school colors and mascot. It was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me!!

Only a few moments after I had caught my breath, and finished greeting everyone, my dad asked me to dance. He danced with me for about half of the song "Margaritaville", (Sean is a huge Jimmy Buffett fan.) and then waved Sean over to cut in.  After the song ended, Sean told me that he had an announcement to make. He said: "I want to thank everyone for coming, some of you I knew were coming…and some of you I didn’t. It’s amazing that I even know this many people in Albuquerque, after moving here. As you know…at every Prom, there is a Prom Queen. (He had made a box for votes.) This year, the Prom Queen is…Esther! (He presented me with a dozen red roses.) Usually, the Prom queen wears a crown, but I was hoping that Esther would wear this instead. (He pulled a box out of his jacket pocket, and got down on one knee.) Esther, will you be my Prom queen for life?"

Of course I said "Yes!" while nodding and fighting back tears at the same time. It couldn’t have been more perfect. "My Prom" ended up being a birthday/engagement party with our family and friends there to celebrate with us. I can’t believe how thoughtful, creative and sweet Sean is, and am amazed as to how he pulled this off! I truly met my soulmate!  

Proposal Story by:

Esther Villas

Albuquerque, NM


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