2) Hide and Seek

One day, my bride-to-be went shopping with her sister. While they were gone, I hid a note under the seat of her car that contained a clue to "come find me." About five o’clock I called her and told her to look under the front seat of her car. When she had the envelope in her hand, I told her "You’re off!!!(then I hung up)." The note was typed on antique looking paper with a custom designed letterhead made of pictures of us as a couple. Her first clue led her to another, and to another, and so on, until just after sunset she finally came to a park in town that was built around the ruins of a historic capitol building.

Upon arrival, she found the steps of the ruins covered in red rose petals, a dozen red roses, and a box containing various mementos of our relationship (movie stubs, the piece of paper she wrote her phone number on, etc.). In addition to the items, I had a list describing what each meant to me, and what she meant to me, and our time together meant to me. The last statement instructed her to close her eyes and shout that she loved me three times, and then I would appear. After hearing her start shouting her words of affirmation, I came out of the ruins to greet her standing there about to burst with anxiety and emotion. I hugged her, told her what she meant to me, that I loved her enough to shed every drop of blood in my body to keep her safe and happy, but also that I didn’t want to be her boyfriend anymore.

I took a step back, took her by the hand, and got down on one knee. Her free hand went to her face to grab her tears, so I took a handkerchief out with the date monogrammed on it for her to dry her tears. I asked her if she would marry me and be my wife, and she accepted. She immediately wanted to call her sister, but I told her I had to make one little phone call first. Next thing she knows, a double stretched limousine pulls up to the park for our escort, the CD player playing a compilation of her favorite love songs, and we got in floating on cloud nine-teen!

She then asked, "But, what about my car?" And I told her, "Don’t worry about it.(wink)" We rode around town for about an hour calling all of our friends and family until time for some reservations at an authentic Italian restaurant. On a table in the very center of the dining room, I had another dozen roses waiting. But not just any roses, the largest long-stem red roses my florist has ever ordered. They were over three feet long and each flower was as big as my fist. After a celebratory bottle of fine red wine (her favorite), an amazing dinner (she could barely order or eat), we got back in the limo for a ride over to her parent’s house.

Upon arrival, her parents, friends, and family all greet us with camera flashes, hugs, and handshakes. Needless to say she was exhausted from all the festivities and I was worn out from all the planning. She remembered to ask me about her car, because it was parked in her parent’s garage. A friend of mine drove it home with her spare key, after he had been hiding at the park filming the entire proposal! She has no clue and I’m having the video footage cut and edited into a surprise "I Love You" movie complete with outtakes prior to her arrival, all put to the songs from the limo ride.



Proposal Story By:

Kyle Jernigan

Northport, AL


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