2) Cruising for a Bride

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I wasn’t expecting a ring yet because Evan hinted at a proposal in March..but he was just trying to throw me off track. So it was a surprise! Before we left for Hawaii he purchased a ring and showed it to his Mom, Dad and Sister the Wednesday before we left. We left for a week vacation in Hawaii with my Grandparents. Since we were vacationing with my grandparents we didn’t have a lot of private romantic moments and Evan was just waiting for the perfect moment. But that moment didn’t happen until the very last night of our trip, January 17!

The four of us went on a sunset dinner cruise and after dinner Evan and I took off on our own to go for a stroll around the boat. We went to the front of the boat and were peering over the side of the boat to look at the dolphins and the flying fish. He then turned to me and said,"There is still one more thing we have to do before we go home." And then he got down on bended knee and presented a beautiful ring and asked me to marry him. I was instantaneously crying tears of joy! I was so happy that he had finally decided the time was right to be engaged, and that we were soon to married! We talked about it for a bit and my Grandparents finally found us and heard the good news. They were so happy for us and my Grandpa told Evan,"Welcome to the family!" Then my grandpa went to the Ship’s MC and said,"My granddaughter has just become engaged on your ship, would you like to announce it?" And the MC said excitedly,"Yes!" He called Evan and I up and they presented me with a lei and announced to everyone on the ship that we were enagaged. And then the MC asked everyone on the boat to join hands in one big circle and then they all sang the Hawaiian Wedding song for us! I cried through the whole thing..it was so beauutiful!

After that was over the boat docked and everyone was congratulating us and wishing us a long, and happy marriage. Then we got onto the bus home and everyone started to clap and cheer for us. The couple sitting next to us on the ride home actually saw Evan propose and they thought it was very special. And Evan told me that another couple saw him propose and the guy gave Evan a thumbs-up while he was on bended knee!

It was a day I will certainly never forget and it was the day that literally everything I wished for came true. Earlier that afternoon we were sitting at a beach cafe where you could see the ocean and I said to Evan,"It sure would be nice to see a whale." And then at the same moment I was saying this a whale breached right out of the water! The next thing I wished for was on the boat before the proposal and dinner. We were watching the sunset and I said to Evan," I had really hoped to see some dolphins on this trip." And then a lady comes around the corner of the boat saying that there is a mama dolphin and her two babies in the front of the ship! We ran over there and got to see them playing! And then I told Evan,"Everything I have wished for today has come true. First I wished to see a whale and I saw one. Then I wished to see a dolphin and I saw one. I wonder if I should wish for anything else?" And Evan just chuckled. Because he knew that my biggest wish would soon be coming true soon!

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San Jose, CA

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