Proposal Story #2) Clue

My fiance took me on a cruise to Mexico on March 27, 2008. He invited 8 of our closest friends and family members, but I just assumed they were coming to spend quality time with us. I had no idea he was going to propose, let alone realize they were all in on it for about 7 months. I’m surprised not one person spilled the beans or tipped me off!

This was a Murder Mystery Cruise. It was an adult, real live version of the board game Clue. There was a “murder victim” and a “killer” on board. It was a race to figure out who “did it” over 3 days. The theme of the game was an actual wedding. The actors consisted of a young good looking man who proposed to an older, geeky wealthy heiress. Then we all had our own roles assigned to play. I was assigned to play a photographer, there was a wedding planner and my fiance was the “best man.”

The first day we sat in the audience and watched the man propose to the woman on stage as part of the show. He put an engagement ring on her finger and she said yes. The second day the actors played out an engagement party scene. We all played our parts and the groom-to-be asked my fiance, the best man, to hold onto the wedding ring. The rest of the night we received clues all over the ship to help us solve the mystery. The third day was the wedding. It was also a masquerade ball so we all dressed up fancy and wore masquerade masks. I sat in the audience along with all of our friends and family.

My fiance was on stage since he was the best man and needed to be a part of the ceremony. They said their vows and the groom asked for the ring from his best man, my fiance. When he pulled the ring out of his pocket and opened the box the groom gasped and stated, “That is not my ring!” The wedding planner asked my fiance who the ring belonged to. He pointed at me in the audience and said firmly, “It belongs to her!” Everyone stopped and looked at me and at this point it was obvious everyone was in on it as my friend was videotaping the whole thing. The spotlight was on me and his nephew stood up directly behind me to sing the song “Let’s Get Married” in acappella while my man walked over to me with the microphone.

He got on his knee while his nephew sang softly behind me. He said, “You are my heart, you are my soul, you are my inspiration. There is no me without you. Will you make me the happiest man in the world and become my wife?” I was in shock! I thought this had to be a part of the show. Once I realized this elaborate surprise was real and for me I said “Yes, Yes, Yes” and we hugged and kissed. Everyone clapped and hollered and whistled. Then he had to quickly wipe his tears and jump back up on stage to finish the scene since there were 200 other people there for the murder mystery game that didn’t know us. He finished the scene and walked off the stage to escort me to the the top deck of the ship where someone was waiting to do a photo shoot of our special night.


Proposal Story by:

Melissa Cook

San Jose, CA


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