2) Candle Party

At the small college where my husband and I
met, a girl would announce her engagement by holding a "Candle
Party". She would tell only her best friends who would then
set up the party in the lobby of the girls dorm one evening. Posters
would go up announcing the party and all the girls would gather
after curfew. Usually someone would sing or read a poem, then a
lit candle would be passed with the engagement ring tied to it.
Everyone would "Ooooh" and "Aaaah" and try
to guess who it was who had gotten engaged. After the first round,
the candle would be passed a second time and when it came to the
lucky girl she would blow out the candle–letting everyone know
it was her! She would then put the ring on, the guys who were waiting
outside the front doors would go grab the guy, the girls would
grab her, and they would both be thrown in the pool, amid shouts
of congratulations and whoops of laughter!

Richard and I had met the first day of classes
the year before. It was a small college so we had a number of classes
and I liked him from the start. Eventually we became good friends,
but we did not start dating until December of my second year in

The following May some friends of mine asked
me to help with a "Candle
Party", by making the posters, and putting together the flowers
and candle. Then the guitar player asked me to hold her music for
her while she sang, so I was sitting right up front. The candle
went around once, then twice, but no one blew it out! Everyone
was wispering and asking questions, thinking something had gone
wrong. Suddenly they all became absolutely quiet as my best friend
took the candle from the girl who held it, brought it over to me,
and said, "Josi, blow out the candle." I replied, "But…it’s…not…my…party!" She
said, "Yes it is. Blow out the candle, Richard wants to marry

I started crying, and everyone else started
screaming and laughing and hugging me! My friend kept saying, "Blow out the candle!
Blow out the candle!" She finally gave up and blew it out
for me! When they threw us in the pool Richard wanted to see the
ring on my hand, and then I realized I had forgotten to take it
off the candle and put it on! Did I get teased about that for a
long time!

People kept saying, "You must have had
some idea that he was going to ask you!" but I honestly did
not! We had talked about marriage and families in general, but
never us in particular. Even
though I hoped he might ask me one day, it never occured to me
that he would be so tricky about it!

One of the guys asked Richard
how he had the courage to do the surprise without knowing I would
say yes, and he just replied, "Of
course I knew she would say yes!" This June we will celebrate
our 27th anniversary, so you can see he was right!

Proposal Story By:

Josi Ingram

Port Angeles, AZ

The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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