1) We Can Take Care of That!

My boyfriend and I met at a party celebrating Christmas with friends at another mutual friend’s house after attending college. Just one look at each other had drawn us to each other that night…I had hopes of learning more about him so we slipped off to a quiet room where we could talk to each other. We learned we had so much in common, it was astounding to the two of us! We’d read so many of the same books, had so many of the same interests.  

We started dating and just couldn’t be separated after that. Eventually we attended another party and that evening two of our friends were there who had just recently married. Becky and Kurt were excited about being married and told us how wonderful it was to be together ‘all the time’ and the two of moved closer and closer to each other upon hearing their experiences. We were obviously thinking the same thing!  

Becky asked if we’d been thinking about getting married, and my boyfriend  said, I would propose, but our biggest problem seemed to be getting plans taken care of since it wasn’t easy for either of us to take off time from work to take care of details. That was it…Becky and Kurt said, “Don’t worry about it, we can take care of that!" We both laughed and my boyfriend said, please go ahead!  He turned to me and said, That is of course if you want me to have them do this 🙂 I assured him I did, and that is all Becky and Kurt had to hear!  

The next day Becky and Kurt helped us get our marriage license, called one of their friends who was a minister a local church, and for our wedding present hired a bakery to make our wedding cake…Essentially all we needed to do was show up at our wedding! It was a beautiful wedding!

Proposal Story by:

Janis Kracht

Windsor, NY


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