1) The Bobcat

Aakash and I were friends who had met while working
for the same company. Although there was an obvious mutual attraction
between the two of us, we had not yet taken the step toward dating.
One night while talking on the patio of his apartment complex after
an evening out with friends, we noticed a Bobcat parked outside.
The Bobcat was left at the construction site of a bike path being
built behind the apartment complex. Seeing the Bobcat sitting alone
amidst the construction, the same crazy idea popped into our heads
"let’s take the Bobcat for a spin!"

We climbed into the Bobcat, and after much trying, only succeeded
in getting the lights turned on. Although we were unsuccessful in
our attempts to hijack the Bobcat, just sitting there together talking
and holding hands was an experience that brought us much closer
together. We saw in each other a shared sense of adventure and spirit.
The Bobcat became a turning point in our relationship that led us
to dating.

Throughout 3 and 1/2 years of dating, that Bobcat lived on as a
symbol of the crazy, adventuresome passion we bring out in each
other. Little did I know that Bobcat would take us into a new chapter
of our lives.

On Aakash’s birthday this past year, we had plans to celebrate with
his family. Aakash shares his birthday with his grandmother (Nanima)
who would be turning 80 that year. Before heading to his family’s
place for dinner and celebration, we went for a quick game of disc
golf at a local park. While leaving the park, we both noticed a
Bobcat sitting in the parking lot, just waiting for a hijacking.

Around 10:30 that night, after a wonderful evening with his family,
Aakash and I decided to head back home. While driving home, Aakash
suggested we go "check out that Bobcat". We headed back
to the park, and sure enough, the Bobcat was still sitting in the
same spot. With no one else in sight, we moved in for the kill.
We crawled into the cab of the Bobcat and searched around for a
key. Sure enough, inside a magnetic key box hidden in the Bobcat
was a key! We got the Bobcat started and took it for a spin around
the parking lot. I was really surprised at how quickly Aakash had
figured out how to drive it – little did I know he had some training
in advance.

After a while of cruising around the park in our new toy, we stopped,
and Aakash got out to take my picture. After taking my picture,
with me still sitting in the cab, Aakash said "Before I come
back in, there’s something I have to ask you." He crawled into
the bucket of the Bobcat and asked, "Will you marry me?"
He went on to say "We started the first phase of our lives
together in one of these, how about starting the next phase with
me here as well?" Aakash pulled out of his pocket a beautiful
diamond set in a band he had fashioned himself out of steel and
aluminum wiring.

Susan Herbst,

Rochester Hills, MI


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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