1) She Makes Me Feel Special

My girlfriend, Randi, always makes me feel special. Because of this, I wanted the day I proposed to her to be the best day of her life. I had just been accepted into the Radiology program at my university and my mom told Randi she wanted to surprise me with a celebration party. Randi was totally into the planning and keeping it from me. We chose July 4th so it would appear that we were getting together for the holiday.

Randi loved to watch videos of my childhood so my mom told her she was making a surprise video that included all of the milestones of my life (first smile, first step,etc). Randi got excited and had all of our family say something on this video to congratulate me. She even got family members from out of town involved. On that day, we had all of her family and mine there and my mom announced that this was my special day and that we were going to watch a video of my life. When it was done, it read "The End" on the screen. Everyone clapped, including Randi.

Then the screen read "well, not just yet." Everyone watched as I then came on the screen and said "Randi, you thought this day was all about me, turns out, it is all about us." I then told her to stand up and turn around because "that man behind you has something to ask you." She was so surprised. She just held me and cried. I then got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. Of course, she said yes! My parents had a camcorder set up to record the entire thing so we can watch it with our children and grandchildren one day.

Proposal Story by:

Austin Dance

Holly Hill, FL


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