1) Prove It

I went to his house because it was "date night." I called him when I was almost there to ask him to open the garage and he told me that Parker, his  brother, had double parked. Since Parker has done this before, I didn’t question it. It was raining and I ran inside. He told me he was hungry and wanted to leave right away. I grabbed a sweatshirt and we left. We had  a typical fun dinner. We laughed and talked, and nothing was out of the ordinary.

When we got back to his house, I went upstairs to get direction to Pearland High School since I would be heading there at 8am. I went back downstairs and he told me to see how Parker parked, so I opened the door to the garage.

To my surprise, there were lighted candles around the garage. He had a remote and started music. It was Garth Brooks’s song, "Just to prove my love." I started crying. The song couldn’t be more applicable. (I put him through a lot, and it took me longer than him to fully realize we are meant to be.) Then I noticed the music was coming from a Bose speaker…

…Let me explain…Evan, my fiance’, is the type that when he wants something, he gets it. Whether it is practical or not, whether he can afford it or not. He has wanted one of those speakers for months and I kept telling him he couldn’t afford it. He told me I would use it and like it. I told him it was not necessary, so he never got it…

I asked if it was a Bose speaker and he said yes and that he knew I would like it and use it. I started thinking, "Did he really go through all this just to show me how I would like the stupid speaker?" I was a lil’ upset. The next song came on and it was the first song we ever danced to, and I said, "Aww, our first dance." He said he made a playlist for us. By this point I was balling my eyes out. I quickly got over the speaker purchase.

He asked if I was happy, and I said, "YES!" I asked if he was happy and he said, "Yes." Then he said, "I want to make you happy for the rest of your life." I told him I did him as well and he said, "Prove it." And he got down on one knee and said, "Will you marry me?" I started crying and hugged him and told him, "Yes, yes!" I put the ring on my finger and we hugged.

We were hugging and dancing and about 45 seconds later I realized I hadn’t looked at the ring. I tried to non-chalantly look over his shoulder to see the ring in the candlelight and through my tears. He laughed and told me to turn the light on. The ring was BEAUTIFUL.

He then brought out a champagne bucket with champagne. He popped the cork and poured us each a glass. He said, "To Mrs. Meeks." About two sips later, I guess he realized my excitement because he said, "Go ahead and get your phone." I said, "OKAY!!" I ran and got my phone and called my mom, his mom, my dad…etc, etc.

There are 3 ideal places to have a reception in Lake Charles, so I called immediately to check availability. It is a cardinal rule for a girl in a Tiger family to NOT get married on a game day, so I asked asked for December and January dates.

Every Saturday in January was open,so I thought the 3rd would be perfect. I’d be off 2 weeks before. Evan could ask off that far in advance. Our friends who would be in town for Christmas could just stay and leave after the wedding. There are no bowl games on the 3rd. The Sugar Bowl is the 2nd, so we may be watching it after the rehearsal dinner ;).

I called my mom to ask her opinion on the date, and she started crying. She told me that date was my grandparents anniversary. My grandpa died before I was born and my grandmother passed away my senior year of high school. I was very close to her and her only granddaughter, so I knew that was the date!…269 days away 😉

Proposal Story by:

Lisa Stewart

The Woodlands, TX


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