1) Paul…The Romantic

Amy’s Perspective

Paul kept telling me that I would have no idea when he would propose, but I always thought that I would figure it out. (He has a tendency to get very excited and tell me before the surprise is supposed to happen!) He called me at work one Friday afternoon to tell me that he was going in to the office. He said that he would not be home until after 6:00. I was planning on leaving early that afternoon, but Ella comes in around 1:45 to say that she really needed to talk to me after school. Of course, I would be there! She then comes in at 2:35 with "I just need to do something real quick…will you be here at 3:00?" Absolutely. Finally, Ella comes in and just chats for about 45 minutes. I’m totally confused about why she needed to talk to me, especially when she busts out of there at 3:45 saying that I should go home…its Friday! 🙂

As I’m driving home, I contemplate calling Paul, but then decide not to bother him while he is working. When I click the garage door open, his car is there! I’m so excited that he is home! I drag all of my bags out of the car, open the back door, and take a step back. The washer and dryer have two huge vases of red roses with candles lit on them. On the floor are tons of rose petals. As I walk inside, there is romantic music piping through the house, more rose petals leading into the house, more vases of red roses on the table and kitchen counters with little candles everywhere!

I walk into the living room and put my stuff on the floor and see that our bedroom door is half closed…I think that he is hiding from me! (yes, I am a little slow at this point) When I figure out that he is not in there, I’m about to search the entire house for him when I hear "Follow the path out the back door…" I see him peaking at me from infront of the stairs, so I run to give him a kiss! And still, I think he is just being romantic.

I head out the back door and all the porch furniture has been cleared away with rose petals all over the ground with a little table in the middle with a HUGE bouquet of red roses, a letter, and a little box. (Still clueless) I read the letter…

Something Old,

Something New,

Something Borrowed,

Something Blue,

And a Sixpence for your Shoe!

I open up the little box to see a sixpence inside…and I am still clueless…until…I turn around, and he is down on one knee. He says, "Marry Me" with this sparkly diamond ring between his fingers. I remember shaking my head yes and feeling weak in the knees as he put my engagement ring on my finger. I was stunned…he proposed more romanticly than I thought could be possible…AND…he kept it a surprise! He is my lobster!

Proposal Story by:

Amy Pritula

Katy, TX


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