1. Law School Conference

For the past month, I thought that I was going to a law school conference in Charlottesville, Virginia to represent William & Mary Law School. One of my law school professors had written to me over Easter weekend telling me about the conference and asking me if I could go to represent the school. I told him that I could definitely do it.

So, as the weekend approached, I prepared for the conference, reviewing my materials from law school (I graduated in May of 2000 along with my boyfriend, Jon). Jon had told me that he had to help his parents paint their house on that weekend, which he had been helping them do for the past few days, and so I knew that he couldn’t join me for the weekend in Charlottesville. Because of our jobs, Jon lives in Roanoke, Virginia this year and I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia, almost five hours away. So, Jon and I try to see each other every weekend, if possible. This weekend would be one of the exceptions.

My law school professor told me that he didn’t know many of the details about the conference, but that I should go to the registration at Alumni Hall on Saturday morning between 10:30 and 11:00 to pick up a packet with all of the necessary information. When I got to Alumni Hall, I saw a friend of mine and Jon’s, but no registration table. I asked our friend, Sarah, what she was doing there. She told me that she was there to give me my registration packet. Now, Sarah didn’t go to law school with us and she’s not a lawyer, so I couldn’t understand how she was connected to the law school conference. So, I began to think that this was a little strange.

The "registration packet" she gave me contained a compass, a disposable camera, and a scroll, wrapped with a ribbon, that contained a poem that Jon had written for me. The poem essentially said that there was no law school conference and that I was to figure out, from the clues in the poem, where my next destination was.

Jon sent me on a scavenger hunt all across campus and each spot had another scroll with a poem, telling me where to go next. My only instructions were to take pictures along the way.

The last clue brought me to the steps of the Rotunda, at the Lawn of the University of Virginia, where Jon was waiting with a red rose and another poem that he had written for me. He got down on one knee, read me the poem, and asked me to marry him! Of course, I said YES!

After he put the ring on my finger, all these people who had been standing on the Lawn in front of the Rotunda began to clap and cheer for us – it was an incredible moment!

After Monticello, Jon drove us to a bed and breakfast in Scottsville, Virginia, which was attached to a winery. Jon had arranged for the folks at the bed and breakfast to prepare a gazebo in the yard with champagne, flowers, strawberries dipped in chocolate, and cheese and crackers. Jon had gotten an artist to etch a design Jon created and engrave it on the champagne bottle too — It said "Forever Yours" with our names and the date.

After enjoying the gazebo, food, champagne, we checked into the bed and breakfast. Our room had a HUGE bouquet of flowers that Jon had ordered for me, rose petals all over the floor and the bed, and candles lit everywhere! And, sitting next to the flowers was a book that Jon had bought for me on how to plan beautiful weddings!

We had dinner at the bed and breakfast and Jon had arranged in advance for us to have our own separate dining room — again, complete with candles and another red rose awaiting me on my plate.

All in all, it was an wonderfully amazing day — Jon made me feel like a princess!

Jennifer Magoulas,
Virginia Beach, VA

The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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