1) God Bless Everyone My Fiance'

My name is Tamika, and my fiance’s name is MSP asked me to marry him in the rain. My eyes were crying and it was really raining outside.

I’ve known MSP since he was 14 years old, and I was 16. He was a freshman in high school that looked like a senior. When I found out

his age, I dumped him, and I told him to grow up. Well, the following year he grew up, and him and I have been best friends for over 10

years now. I’ve been asked to married 3 times, before him; but no ones else could make me say yes; and they had a ring.

I lost my job, I lived with my current boyfriend, and MSP had a long time girlfriend. A friend of mine took me to a spiritual advisor because I was going through hard times. And the advisor told me there were two men in my life presently that felt the same way about me, and I had a choice. MSP found out about my hard time, and took me out that night.

After the visit with the spiritual advisor, I started to question the times, she mentioned about when MSP, looked at me being more than

just his best friend. And oddly enough, I started to remember. I was going through a hard time with my living boyfriend, and I needed

advice, which I always go to MSP for. This time MSP wasn’t supportive and it hurt my feelings to the core. I stopped speaking to him for 4 days, and he couldn’t take it. I realized the reason why I was so hurt, by him not being by my side, was because I wanted him to look at me more than just a friend. When MSP finally was able to speak with me, he promised he would take me out that coming up Friday to have some fun; and to be apologetic, for not being a supportive friend.

MSP and I when out that night, and he was under the impression that I got this fabulous job; he was telling me your going to start Monday

"Son", when he said that I had to let him know the truth that I didn’t get the job. I started to cry, and I couldn’t control it. While I was crying in the middle of the street, for the first time within ten years MSP held me like I was the only woman in the world. Our eyes locked and he wiped away my tears, and he said, "I will never leave you and let me cry for you". Now, I thought to myself this is kind of weird, because he used to always tell me I looked ugly crying, so why hold me now. During the time, where he was whipping my tears way, in that moment I felt like we were in high school again, running out of class to kiss him. From that night, not even a month later, we left both of our relationships. I moved out, and he asked me to marry him.

The reason why I wrote this is because, MSP doesn’t have a job; and I never seen a man work so hard to look for a job. However, he was still able to buy my wedding band, but not an engagement ring. Sometimes I believe his man hood is getting to him, because he can’t show me off by saying I’m his fiance’…. However he is very proud to tell the world, when he knows them, that I’m his fiance’, right now I think he wants the silent world to know, I belong to someone. (get my drift) Either way, in my heart MSP is my LIFE.

Please vote for my story, because it would mean the world to him, if I could get a ring, to show off our long lasting love, and soul mate, best

friends, and lover.




Proposal Story By:

Tamika Thomas

East Elmhurst, NY


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