1) Cinderella Syndrome

"Cinderella Syndrome" thats what I had as a child. I loved fairy-tales, I believed that prince charming was going to ride into my life and I was going to experience love beyond my wildest dreams. My favorite movie is "Ever After" (a Cinderella story) and another dream of mine was to stay overnight in a real castle.

After many heart-breaks I did find a prince of my own. When we met Chuck had been planning a trip to Europe, a few months later I was also planning to meet him in Paris. Once in France Chuck had told me that he had a surprise for me. We drove for a few hours into the country-side of France, "to the land of a thousand castles". I had been admiring one particular castle when we pulled up to it and declared that that is where he had booked for us to stay the night.

To my surprise he had done a lot of research and found out where "Ever After" was filmed and he took me to different locations (the town, a castle). Our third stop was one I recognized right away! Cinderella’s Castle! It was privately owned but he got permission to go on the property, the owner (a very nice lady) gave us a tour.

After looking around we were left alone by the garden wall in the back of the castle. When Chuck said he had another surprise for me and he pulled out a glass slipper! It was a very beautiful collector’s item that was engraved with the words "this is love".

Then we gave me a scroll which read "Natalie, Will you marry me?" When I looked up he was on his knee with a beautiful ring in hand. Of coarse, I said "Yes" and we stood there hugging behind a castle as the sun was setting and my fairy-tale had come true!


Proposal Story By:

Natalie Crook  

Oregon, WI


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