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It was June. We were now more than one year into our relationship and it was flourishing. We were a happy well-matched couple and all of our family and friends felt we were destined to betroth. I on the other hand felt that if things weren’t broke there was no need to fix them and at any hint of my beloved’s intent to pop the big question the proverbial record player would come to a screeching halt inside my head. With each passing holiday, Christmas, Valentines, and, yes, even April Fools Day, there was always a rumor that my striking beau was going to propose. Although I had squelched all of these circulating stories of marriage on these previous occasions, this day was different. This day was my birthday and I was certain that I wanted to get engaged on this day without any further delay.

I received a telephone call of happy birthday wishes from my sweetie that morning while I prepared to go to work. He asked and I accepted a dinner invitation for that evening. I did not mention in my conversation with him that I would be accepting his upcoming marriage proposal but went on to work in a jovial, rather giddy, manner. When I arrived at my workplace I told my closest cohorts that I would be engaged by days end. They were all wide-eyed in wonderment over my announcement as we chatted. Just before lunchtime I received the most beautiful bouquet of flowers encompassed by a large assortment of rainbow colored balloons from my man. I thought this was very sweet but an unnecessary gesture considering the cost of the ring that I just knew he would place on my finger later that night. I dismissed any further thoughts of the cost of those flowers and went happily along with the remainder of my work anticipating with excitement the prize at the end of the day.

I opened the door at 7:00 p.m. to find my date standing there with a giant birthday card and wrapped gift in his hand. I struggled to hide my disappointment, as I felt that with this display of affection he opted not to ask for my hand on this day. He is generous mind you, but after flowers, a card, an extraordinary gift and a lovely dinner out, my hope of being presented with a ring on this day was fleeting. I graciously got into the car and eagerly contemplated the whereabouts of my ring! As we drove I thoughtfully chose my words of gratitude for the wonderful showering of gifts he had given me while I searched his expression for clues as to whether or not a proposal was imminent. I thought I would prod him along a bit and while we walked into the restaurant I suggested that we go shopping after dinner – to the jewelry shops specifically, as I wanted to look at diamonds. He responded to this request with quiet agreement. I viewed his reaction as a confirmation that no ring would be forthcoming on this day and grew determined to somehow have him propose.

I settled down when we were seated at the teppan grill of our favorite Japanese steak house and chatted as we sipped on umbrella topped drinks. The alcohol took away my anxious edge and I slowly accepted that I would be dating and not engaged for some time to come. By this time our entrees were literally flying as the skilled chef began with his slicing and dicing routine. The pearly pink shrimp I had ordered were sailing through the air when the ping of metal on glass interrupted our conversation. I glanced down just in time to see a shiny jeweled bauble pounce across the white porcelain plate as if it were a stone skipping across water. In seconds I realized that it was a diamond ring my diamond ring! I plucked it from the plate, jumped up and yelled, Yes, I will marry you! My date looked at me and said What do you mean, I haven’t asked you anything yet! He then got down on one knee, took my hand in his and said, Will you marry me? I shouted, Yes, of course, I will marry you. And, among the cheers and applause of the surrounding restaurant guests my husband, of twelve years now, placed a beautiful diamond ring on my left hand – where it remains to this day.

Proposal story by:

Marie V. Raynor

Wilmington, NC


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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