1) A Tough Year For Jaclyn

Actually, this is the story of my stepdaughter’s marriage proposal.

2004 was a tough year for Jaclyn. She faced disappointment to be chosen only as an alternate in a dental program after completing years of college coursework. Much to her dismay, she discovered that several classes had been ill-advised and required repeating.

Yet this was nothing compared to losing her mother to a ten-year battle of fighting cancer.

Just when all seemed bleak, Jaclyn’s fiance orchestrated a romantic get-away at a lovely bed and breakfast along the river in San Antonio to celebrate their two years together.

The only clue he gave of his intention to pop the question was that on the morning before their trip, he called Jaclyn’s father and asked for his permission to marry his daughter. With assurances of love and devotion, Jaclyn’s father gave his blessing, and tearfully called me with the news.

Jaclyn new of their trip to San Antonio, but was expecting simple accommodations. Instead, what she found was a charming bed and breakfast complete with flowers and champagne chilling.

Just before popping the cork, Alan suggested a stroll along the river. When he located the perfect spot, they sat along the river’s edge and he knelt before her on one knee and popped the question, “Jaclyn, will you marry me?” as he presented her with an engagement ring custom made with the diamonds from her mother’s wedding ring.

Jaclyn, in total disbelief, exclaimed, “Alan, this is not real! Alan! This is not real!” all the while waving the ring around her head.

Alan, fearful that the ring would slip from her fingers and roll down into the river, waved his hands in hopes of catching the ring in the event that the worst should happen.

Once Jaclyn realized that this was indeed real, she of coarse said yes, and then they carved their initials in an nearby tree, sealing their love along the river’s edge.

Now its four weeks from the Big Day, and Jaclyn and I have worked and planned for a beautiful wedding for the two of them since last August. And, just this past Monday, Jaclyn received her acceptance letter to Baylor University Medical Center radiology program!

Now its up to them to live happily ever after…


Proposal Story By:

Glynda Allison

Bayou Vista, TX


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