1) 10 Day Nightmare

This was a ten day nightmare that ended not as I had planed. My girlfreind and I went out to jewlers row in our hometown to just lookat rings to pass some time. Well she found one she loved and said "If I ever get taken thats the one.” Point taken…..

I went back later that week to put the ring on layaway for 10 months. It was now mid-summer and we were going to Greece for a vacation that her girlfriend, an airline stewardess set up for next to nothing. So I decided to do the drop in greece. Her parent’s were asked and all was a go!!! I packed the ring in my suitcase and off we went!

Problem #1 We flew stand-by, didn’t know this in advance. #2 The suitcase went all the way to Greece. Us, stuck at JFK. #3 Made it to Italy the next day-still not Greece and no connectition until the following day. #4 Made it to Greece and the bags were sent to us in Rome-Problem were in Greece. #5 After talking to the airline they just sent the suitcase to JFK so when we get there it’s under lock at security. #6 The whole proposal was dead in the water, I wanted to do it when we were on the Island of Samos.

Never happened. She was blissfully unaware of the nightmare that I was enthroned in. I could not tell her that the man that I hope she would marry could be so carless with HER ring! #6 Then to buy clothes to wear. I’m a big guy XXXL. Not easy in a foreign country. #7 She loved the vacation, me I was a zombie. #8 Made it back to JFK and GOT THE BAG!!! I did not want to open it until we went thru customs. I was standing there looking like the goof with a smile from ear to ear just happy to see my bag was still locked. #9 Problem was  I stood out in the crowd and the customs agents reacted to this. Next thing I knew, customs agents stopped me and pulled me out of line and went through the suitcase. #10 When the senior agent pulled out the ring, BAM! I grabbed it and fell to my knee and popped the question. I had to put a end to all of this.

The next thing I know I’m on the floor with all the agents all on top of me yelling at me to open my hands. Not on your life I thought, I had to know the answer! I reached for her hand as if she was my tag team wrestiling partner and we made the switch. Everyone cheered and whistled.

Well, all the pending charges were later dropped after they understood the troulble I had gone through. #11 I don’t know if the diamond was cursed or not, because right after our honeymoon my wife tossed the ring in the trash by accident while she was making our first dinner as husband and wife never to be seen again. UGH!!! Boy did she feel BAD!!! I was like, GOOD RIDDANCE! Well, after a new ring that we had blessed by our priest were still together 10-very happy years. We still laugh about this…. I hope you did too…..


Proposal Story by:

Robert Vargas

West Palm Beach, FL


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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