mens ring

fathers ring says 14k and DQ. It also has diamonds. But it doesn’t have cz. Father says diamonds are real but what does DQ mean. Please answer ASAP before he sales it today . Thank you lots.

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Leo diamond

I need to sell my Leo princess cut diamond , 4.91x 4.86 x 3.82, 0.80 ct, near colorless, vs1. How much would this be worth?

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What are diamondeau are they real diamonds or next best thing to a fake.

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Diamond/ moissanite testers

Hi I have a diamond and moissanite tester I have a collection of moissanite and natural diamonds. I have a small problem as two of the moissanties repeatedly test as diamonds while the other moissanites test as moissanite and the certified diamond as diamonds.I have done the testing using the certified diamonds and identified moissanites as controls at least 10 times with the same result.What I doing wrong how reliable is the tester it is so messing with my head.

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Ring engraving

I got engaged Christmas Day. My ring appears to have an engravement that I can’t read. I had to have a guard placed on it until I get it sized but the letters that are seen appear to be MAG…?

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diamond cutting

were can i cut a diamanod size 4.03 rough stone in hong kong how much can cost and also to get a certication after cut

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Rough diamonds

I wanted to ask. If a diamond testing device signals that a rough stone is a diamond,how credible is it that it is a diamond? Thanks

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Starfire Diamond

My wife has a Starfire Diamond ring, the number 245 is stamped onto the shank, what does that mean?

Thank You,

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14k HGE ring

I have a ring with a diamond in the middle. It doesn’t fog up when I breathe on it. Could it have a real diamond in place of a fake one? It came from my grandfather.

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Will ziamond electronically test the same as a diamond like moisenite?

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ring stamp engraved

I found a ring metal detecting.It looks like sterling wedding band with CBIOKP or CB10KP engraved inside the band.Can you tell me what it means? Thanks Mike

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Gold Plating

I bought a mens, 35 gram, 12 inch long, 14k, gold bracelet from a reputable gold/silver kiosk at the mall. The owner said it was gold plated, but that it was a better quality, with “thicker plating” than the usual gold plated bracelets. He said it was guaranteed to last for 5 years, and that the thicker gold plating wouldnt rub off very quickly, like a gold plated ring of mine that I told him about, that started fading within a couple of weeks. Could he have been telling the truth about it being a very thick plating? What is usually under the gold plating? **(I paid $55/no tax….Did I over-pay?

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Diamond quality and value

Dear Sir,

I recently started looking for an engagement ring and have come across a number of diamonds, one that stood out was a diamond with the following details;

Shape – BR
Cut – Excellent
Clarity – VVS2
Color – G
Symmetry – Excellent
Girdle – Thin-Thin
Fluorescence – Medium
Carat – 1.04

The price of this is $11,160 ex. taxes.

Is this a quality diamond within the price?


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