Custom Design

DCI’s Custom Design Portfolio

Commemorative jewel designs

When organizations celebrate momentous occasions, they look to DCI for dazzling ways to express their pride. DCI has created incredible commemorative jewel designs such as: the first ever baseball bracelet for the Houston Astros, made of mini ruby and diamond baseballs; the “Harley of Gold,” a gold and diamond scale replica of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle; and Playboy Magazine’s Millennium Playmate Pendant.
Gem Prowler - Click for a close-up view.
$200,000 Gem Prowler
This is not a hot wheels toy, but a 12 inch replica of Chrysler Plymouth’s hot new roadster carved from a 15,000 carat amethyst and decorated with diamonds!
Rubik’s Cube - Click for a close-up view.
$2,500,000 Rubik’s Cube
“The world’s most expensive toy” was fashioned by Fred Cuellar to commemorate the 15th Anniversary of the Rubik’s Cube. This full-size, fully working cube is covered with 185 carats of precious gems. It is valued over two and a half million dollars.
Gem Prowler - Click for a close-up view.
$2,000,000 Little Caesar’s Super Pizza
Expensive! Expensive! This 2 million dollar ’za is topped with over 600 carats of diamonds and colored stones in 5 pounds of gold for Little Ceaser’s Pizza.
Gem Prowler - Click for a close-up view.
$1,000,000 Houston Aeros Hockey Puck
DCI was chosen in 1995 as the official jeweler to the Houston Aeros. DCI created special pins for their 600,000th, 700,000th, 800,000th, 900,000th and one millionth fans, and a million-dollar hockey puck made of platinum and studded with diamonds and emeralds.