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For top ring designs, DCI is unbeatable

DCI is proud to design rings for major league football, baseball, and hockey champions.

1996 Dallas Cowboys NFL Super Bowl Championship Ring

DCI Rings is the first privately held company in over 25 years to create and manufacture professional championship rings. When the Super Bowl Champion Dallas Cowboys needed that special creative touch in 1995 and 1996, they called on DCI. The championship rings were custom designed with five interlocking kite-shaped diamonds.

1998 Detroit Red Wings NHL Championship Ring

In 1997 and 1998 the Detroit Red Wings won back to back Stanley Cup Championships. Diamond Cutters International was proud to be chosen with the honor of making both rings.

1999 Dallas Stars NHL Championship Ring

This was the fourth time that Diamond Cutters International created the rings for the NHL Stanley Cup Champions. We try to make each team’s ring as unique as possible to honor their championship quest.

2000 New Jersey Devils NHL Championship Ring

DCI makes another fantastic set of rings for an NHL Championship team. DCI also created rings for the 1995 New Jersey Devils Stanley Cup Champions. A team keeps the Stanley Cup for the year they win – but DCI championship rings are for a lifetime.

Other DCI Championship and Commemorative Rings:

    * 1995 Baltimore Stallions Canadian Football League (CFL) Championship Ring

    * 1996 Colorado Avalanche NHL Championship Ring

    * 1997 Denver Broncos Super Bowl Championship Ring

    * World’s Greatest Athlete Ring for Olympic Gold Medalist, Dan O’Brien

    * Created Cal Ripken’s commemorative ring for breaking Lou Gehrig’s record of consecutive Major League Baseball games (2,131).

    * International Hockey league Championship rings for the back-to-back champion Utah Grizzlies